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The Turf and Gardeing Store Lawn Care Maintenance Guides
Easy-to-Follow programs that ensure professional results
in maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn the year round!

Bermuda & Zoysia Maintenance Program

Turf Type Tall Fescue Maintenance Program

The Organic Lawn Maintenance Program

The Gurus of Grass! The Sages of Sage! The G'vernors of Grow! The Czars of Zinnias! The Turf Titans! They're all here, with decades of knowledge, experience, training, and most of all passion! Ask us!

New instructional videos from Dr. Mike Goatley, Turfgrass Extension and Specialist/Professor at Virginia Tech and Dr. Shawn Askew Extension Turfgrass and Weed Specialist at Virginia Tech! Get quick and easy Expert tips on how to manage and care for your lawn!

The Turf and Gardening Store - DEDICATED to the Do-It-Yourself'er


To provide the residential do-it-yourselfer with the very best selection of professional-grade turf care and gardening supplies, presented for sale by industry experts committed to their customers’ success and the informed application of all we sell in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Zen and the Art of Aeration!
Dig a Hole...Fill it Up...Repeat ad infinitum. Tips for aerating your soil.

Water Works!...if you use it right. Tips for watering your lawn.

Soil Testing!
Help Your Lawn Make the Grade! How to get your soil tested.

Tips for Proper Mowing
Off With (just) Their Heads! The finer points of mowing your lawn.

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